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Welcome to M.Werks, L.L.C.


Located in the beautiful north lands of Traverse City, Michigan, we are a small machine tool shop that has taken opportunity with the loss of significant portions of business to Mexico and offshore to focus on one of our favorite pastimes - the shooting sports. Our goal is to provide original designs along with improvements on current designs that will deliver the optimum in product performance. As a licensed gunsmith, our roots are well founded in gun-related projects. Having built, from forgings through Colt, complete prototype weapons for military testing along with production equipment for Remington Arms and Fabrique National, we have gained valuable insights for our venture.

Feel free to browse the site and learn more about us using the links provided at the top of the page. A full products listing is available, updated from time to time. Please continue to check back. If you would prefer a hard copy of our product catalog, feel free to contact us.

- Jeff


M.Werks, L.L.C. began by providing customized cleaning rod bore guides with special attention given to Anschutz, CZ, H&R, Winchester, Remington, and Turbo. We have expanded our product profile over the last year to include fore-end bench rest plates, bipods focused on F Class competition, custom MOA scope sight rails, a competition grade aluminum tuner stock along with other custom machining and fabrications. Please feel free to review and ask questions about the selections from the pull-down menu at the top of the page.

  • We provide custom barrel-fitting, rimfire barrel indexing, action bedding, barrel block installation, and other assorted services. Visit our services page for detailed information.
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